Ask your database anything straight from

your Slack

Recurse lets you interact with your database straight from your Slack. No more chasing team members, switching between tools, or using complex SQL queries.

Chat directly with your database

Simply add Recurse to your Slack workspace and give you and your team the superpower of a Data Analyst that never sleeps.

1. Integrate with Slack (30 seconds)

Add Recurse to your Slack workspace.

2. Connect database (2 mins)

Securely connect up your PostgreSQL database.

3. Use Recurse (30 seconds)

Either write some raw SQL or utilise Recurse's AI to do it for you.

How does it work?

Recurse's AI is specifically trained to understand databases and allows you to chat directly through Slack.


All database credentials are encrypted and we recommend providing a read-only user.

Limit Hallucinations

Nothing will ever run on your database without your approval. Recurse will always ask you to confirm before running any SQL so no need to worry about pesky hallucinations.

Works with your technologies

PostgreSQL Slack

Access your Database from Slack

Recurse is a Slack app that lets you query your database from Slack, no more context switching.